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Getting married in Bali, Thailand, Cambodia or Fiji?

Get the best of both Australia, and the holiday ceremony overseas where you (and family and friends) can honeymoon and holiday.

Great - get married legally in Australia and have the ceremony in Bali (if you are set on going to Bali for the ceremony), or Thailand, or Fiji, or Cambodia.

Why do this? You end up with an Australian Marriage Certificate registered in Australia, recognised worldwide, and easily obtainable if you require another one or a replacement. However you can still celebrate the ceremony with family and friends overseas and have your holiday/honeymoon as well.

Remember, a wedding ceremony includes two parts - a ceremonial part and a legal part. Normally these are done together in Australia. However if you wish to have the ceremonial part in Bali or anywhere overseas that is fine, but do the legal bits here with me.

Consider this.

Get married legally in Australia with me from $360*
then have your ceremony in Bali.

This way you can have the best of two country's services.

*$360 offer is for a wedding at a my office; with only 2 - 4 witnesses present and no rehearsal. Basic legal ceremony. Can be done before going to Bali, or up to 1 month after coming back from Bali. Only conducted in my office in Bull Creek

The NIM needs to be completed and lodged with me before you go to Bali for this offer to apply, AND you must not sign the registration papers in Bali as you are then legally married and you can't then get married in Australia!!!!!! See my page with legal information about getting married in Australia.

Refer to information on getting married in Bali . This includes the technical and legal aspects as far as I  am aware.

This page from the Australian Government  includes some very specific information about the acceptance of Bali marriages in Australia.

If you are arranging your Bali wedding through a wedding organiser talk to that person about my offer.
Contact Graham Lambert NOW with graham@formywedding.com.au to get the ball rolling from this end. No obligation information provided.
Ph: 0439919817

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