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Your choice of celebrant - Just inform the Funeral Director you want Graham Lambert.


You want to play your loved one's favourite song--                                I will play it.

You want to put a favourite book into your loved one's casket--             I will welcome it.

You want to share a story about your loved one--                                   I will deliver it.

You want an experienced celebrant                                                         I am he

You want to hand out white roses,
the favourite flower of your loved one--                                                  
I will encourage it.

A funeral should be what family or friends want as a service to celebrate the passing of a loved one.

Want one who will personally work with you to design the perfect
service your loved one deserves.                                                           
Your service, designed your way.

I offers people the opportunity to plan and document their requirements for their funeral. Just as it is important to make a will, it is also important to make family and/or loved ones aware of what is preferred for a funeral. This gives peace of mind that what is arranged is appropriate, and alleviates the responsibility placed on family members or friends who may not know what is required.
I am a celebrant who believes that funerals need to be celebrations of life - presented with dignity and respect. As a  psychologist I understand, at least in part, the grieving process that families go through with the loss of loved ones.

I have even conducted funerals for people who have planned their funeral service before they died, to save the family the heartache of having to do so in sad times.

Like all ceremonies that I perform I have a large range of ideas and suggestions for poems, readings,  involving family and friends, ceremony orders of service booklets. This is arranged at the meeting/s that I have with the key coordinator (and others) of the funeral.

To engage my services, simply inform the Funeral Director that you choose to have GRAHAM LAMBERT as the Celebrant.

You won't be disappointed. Remember you may choose your own celebrant.

I conduct funeral and memorial services in Perth. These can be at the funeral home or in one of the beautiful chapels at Perth's cemeteries. I need to work in with the Funeral Director but feel free to contact me first.

A funeral service generally runs for between 30 and 45 minutes. The customary format is —

  • Introduction
  • Reading
  • Eulogy or biography
  • Prayer or reflection
  • Reading
  • Committal

The eulogy can be prepared and read by me as the Celebrant, or by a member of the family. It is quite acceptable to include religious elements even though deceased might not have been a believer.

During the reflection often friends and family come forward and tell of their own personal experiences and memories of the deceased. That is a time when friends and family may lay flowers on the casket, paint hands on it, write messages On it or other forms of remembrance

The Committal may be in the chapel (for a cremation) or at the gravesite. If the deceased is an ex-serviceman the RSL Burial Ritual is generally used as the Committal.

The eulogy is the most important part of the service. If I present the eulogy I visit the family in their home for an hour or two to gather the background information required. This can cover—

  • Deceased's nickname
  • Date of birth
  • Birthplace and names of parents and siblings
  • Early life and schooling
  • Qualifications and work history
  • Marriage and children and grandchildren
  • Family life
  • Personality, characteristic sayings or humour
  • Community service and achievements
  • Hobbies and pets
  • Music, entertainment, and sporting interests
  • Last days before death

The deceased's favourite music is generally played when entering the chapel, during the reflection and on leaving.

Many funerals I have attended over  the years have been routine and very impersonal. These  experiences have made me determined that every funeral I lead is a personalised celebration of  a real  person.

I design and lead a funeral  ceremony to
       a. create a dignified and fitting tribute to the person
       b. help the family and friends  express their feelings of gratitude and  grief.

Funerals need to celebrate the life of the deceased and encourage mourners to contemplate not only what they have lost, but what they have gained from having that special person in their lives.

The successful ceremony is based on my dedicated work before-hand:

1. The initial meeting with the person/s co-ordinating the funeral arrangements. meeting at the family home (most of the time) I take my time to gather essential information about the life and achievements of the bereaved person. This means
    * Build a trusting relationship with family and encouraging / involving them in the choice of wording, readings, music and ceremony process,
   * Learn the life history and the accomplishments of the person who has died
   * Learn and gather the family history and important events
   * Assist the Family prepare the “Order of Service” and music for the funeral
   * Prepare the Eulogy (if required)

2. I write up the ceremony  - in draft form, using quotes from literature, readings and poems, plus using the information to paint a celebration of life in words. Then

3. Liaise with the family - often by email and phone to ensure that all the ceremony details are correct and to the family's liking. I also liaise with the Funeral Director Then:

4. Coordinate the Ceremony - This involves meeting the family at the agreed location on the day, Ensure all of the immediate family are seated in the reserved seating at the front of the Chapel, Conduct the Funeral Service as per the Order of Service, Committal or Internment of the body of the person who has died,   Conclude the service...invite mourners to comfort the grieving Family.

5. After Ceremony Memories - Graham gives family members a presentation pack with a copy of the ceremony and other items relevant to that funeral. this is in addition to what the funeral director provides.

Nothing can take away the shock, and grief associated with death of a loved one. However, I  believe that a personal, meaningful and  well prepared tribute can ease the   pain.

What about Religion?

The funerals I conduct are  civil (that is non-religious), but may reflect the degree of spirituality that is meaningful to the family, offering comfort, support and a sense of hope.

However this means that you as the client can use any words or readings, religious or not, to best express and celebrate the bereaved's life through this ceremony. This includes involving other people eg family, maybe a pastor, and friends. It will also involve music specially selected for the ceremony as well.

Funeral services by Graham can be arranged   through any of the Funeral Directors in Perth.

Pre Planning your own Funeral?

Why you should let your loved ones know what you want.

Most of us don’t think a great deal about death, particularly our own death or the death of a loved one.

When death occurs close to us, we are catapulted into a time of intense grief. We are then required to make important decisions about a funeral when we may not be thinking very clearly.

Planning ahead makes sense.

As with most things in life, it is sensible to arrange what you would like for your funeral before it is needed. That way you can choose what you feel is appropriate, or sit down with your family and discuss their needs too.

In a private, relaxed meeting, our consultants can write down what you would prefer at the time of your death. 

This need only be the ceremony if you wish, but it may also include other instructions which are not normally covered in your will.

There is the opportunity to be as creative as you want with your funeral ceremony. But you need to let someone know what it is that you want.

 For example:

    • type of ceremony
    • the place the funeral is to be held
    • involvement of friends and family
    • music, poetry, hymns etc.
    • involvement of other organisations e.g. RSL, Freemasons or other
    • whether you want cremations or burial
    • details regarding donation of organs to others or to science
    • information required by funeral director
    • saving for a funeral, and
    • many other option.

The signed document you complete with Graham covers   some or all of these options. 

It could either be filed away with other papers, such as your Will or given to your executor or another person.

Leave no doubt about what you want in the minds of your family or loved ones. It helps them immensely at a very difficult stage in their grief.

Just as it is important to make a will, it is also important to make family and/or loved ones aware of what is preferred for a funeral. This gives peace of mind that what is arranged is appropriate, and alleviates the responsibility placed on family members or friends who may not know what is required.

Fees: From $350 - determined upfront and fixed

Ex Serviceman's Burial Ritual:
RSL Burial Ritual

Order of Ceremony Booklet:
printed for a small fee.

Videotape: Want a videotape of the Funeral ceremony?

Different cemetery locations:

Today's funerals in Perth Metro Cemeteries

Organise your own funeral ceremony in advance - email me


The Red Cross Guide to Wills and Legacies

Organ Donation

Centrelink Website


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If you wish to email me with an enquiry please do so. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If you find any errors in the website please let me know as well.
Graham Lambert, Authorised Marriage Celebrant



I just wanted to thank you once more for the fabulous job you did at Mike's funeral service last week.  We had a number of ideas of what we wanted to include and thanks to you it was all brought together in a wonderful way.  Several people at the wake commented on how appropriate it was for Mike and that was in part due to your informal manner and ability to "tell a story".  It was also lovely to hear people chuckling between the tears.  Mike would definitely have approved.
Thank you once again..
Kind Regards
Hi Graham
Thank you once again Graham for your outstanding effort to ensure Mum's funeral went as planned and certainly met all of our expectations of what we were hoping for.
Kind regards ... KD