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Please note: this webpage is more about information. Face book will have updates of my weddings photos and notes.

Great News

As of 09 December 2017, ANY COUPLE who wish to may get married in Australia according to the regulations may do so. Of course there is the one month notice needed that is the Notice of Intended Marriage form must be lodged with the Celebrant before the wedding can be conducted. There are exceptions and these are discussed on my legal page.

For a much more rigorous explanation just follow this link to my legalities page and it is all there.

So if you would like to have me conduct your wedding with continued diligence, sensitivity and a dash of humour please contact me now. Email is best


The celebrant with a sense of humour.

Welcome to my website. On here there should be all the information that you require to know about getting married in Australia , whether you are a local, or coming from overseas.

2017 has been a momentus year for me. This year I have married the 5th child of one family ( I married the other 4 in previous years), I married 3 from another family (4 all together so far and 1 to come!), 2 sisters this year and the list goes on. With over 60 ceremonies this year (2017) I must be doing something great.

I bring to ceremonies a strong voice, a commanding presence and thoroughly enjoy conducting the ceremonies. I have a great sense of humour which I like to use in the ceremonies as well.

All of the photo's of weddings on this site are from couples I have married who have given me permission to use the photo on this website. This website has lots of photo's on it to give you ideas for your ceremony.


Prices and Services: Prices for services offered below




Saturday and Sunday Afternoons 12noon - 5pm, & Public Holidays


Full Celebrant Service, see details below.

All other times


Full Celebrant Service, see details below.

Valentines Day Ceremony


Must book this before 14th January. You choose the location and service.

Bali Wedding for Legalities only


See conditions on separate page. Applies if you also plan to have a ceremony  in Fiji, Thailand and Cambodia but want an Australian registered  Certificate of Marriage.

'Short and Sweet'
(Designed for those that do not want a large crowd of guests. Can be held in my office of a local park.)

from $360

Short, sweet and quick wedding ceremony. Click to see more details. This is similar to getting married in an office in the middle of Perth, but cheaper. Also you can get married 24/7 at my office or a beautiful local park with a gazebo. You are still legally married after the ceremony.


The prices above are all inclusive prices with the following items included in service I provide for the prices listed above for the Full Celebrant Service :
1. All legal requirements being completed as per law (before, during, and after the ceremony).
2. Providing you with a comprehensive Wedding Ceremony Guide to work out your ceremony.
3. Return travel to and from anywhere in the Perth Metropolitan area
4. Provision of a signing table with nice cloth (if required)
5. A presentation Marriage Certificate.
6. Assistance with the ceremony words / structure if required.
7. Initial Meeting at my home to do all the early signing (Notice Of Intended Marriage) and other details to be copied and worked out.
8. A rehearsal prior to the wedding at my home.
9. Ceremony on an agreed day, date and time.
10. a nice suit and cravat or tie normally
11. a good sense of humour,
12. a strong voice, but with a Public Address system if it is required.

If you require other items then I am happy to discuss this with you. This may be different clothing I have to hire, distance I have to travel, fees I have to incur eg entrance fees.

Dressing up in medieval costume

nice neat casual

riding in a helicopter


Legal Information

Getting married in Australia is quite straight forward. You do not need to have a marriage licence! You simply have to lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage Form with me at least one month before you get married. If you are unable to have me witness your signatures , there is a list of people on page 4 who are authorised to do this, so you can get a person with that title to witness your signatures. Then send it off to me. Note Commissioner of Declarations are no longer accepted as witnesses in Western Australia.

You then need to prove (before you can get married), by official certificates written in, or translated into, English that you are
1. who you are by showing an original birth certificate and PhotoID, or any valid Passport (including Australian).
2. that you are free to marry ( because you have never married, are divorced or widow/widower). If you have been married previously I need to sight either original Divorce, Death or Nullity certificates to explain why you are now free to marry.
3. that you are of legal age to marry (generally over 18 years)
4. that there are no legal reasons why you should not get married.

If you cannot provide some or all of the above details we are allowed to ask you to provide a Statutory Declaration as to the details. This applies to where the information is NOT available to a person eg through displacement or war. Normally, not having enough time is not a reason for using a Statutory Declaration.

I will assist you through the whole process.

If you are overseas and are planning on a holiday /elopement wedding the above conditions apply. I have married many couples who live overseas and have come to our warm shores to get married. We can sort everything out by email, and snail mail then meet up when you arrive.

Much more legal information is on a separate page

If you have any questions,
contact Graham on  for the moment
or on 0439 919 817



Visa Weddings.
or for much more details see my separate website

This is where an Australian citizen is applying for a Visa through DIMIA to bring a fiancee into Australia with the intention of getting married and living here. I conduct many such weddings per year. I am happy to support couples in their process from the marriage ceremony aspects. I can not give advice about what you have to do to apply I am sorry.

If you would like a letter about your intention to marry a fiancee who is not an Australian Citizen and are applying for a fiancee Visa - contact me as soon as possible, and I will give you the necessary letter to give to DIMIA as part of your application. Email me for more details - 

What couples get from me is a letter stating that they (one or both of the couple) have signed a Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM) form, lodged it with me to be married on a date we have negotiated, and paid a non refundable Booking Fee with me. I then write the letter and give the person who lodges the NIM with me 3 copies of the letter. A date for marriage generally has to be fixed for the Visa application process, but once you have the visa, you may then renegotiate with me. For much more details see my VISA PAGES or .

Email, or phone,  me if you would like to see me quickly about getting a letter.


Different Locations to get married in around Perth - see over 70 different locations

parks and gardens


 private function centres

 public parks

near the ocean

wedding venues

by lakes

overlooking the river


Valentines Day Wedding

Want to get married on Valentine's day? contact me now or have a look at the web pages. You need to lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage form with me by 14th January  - so be QUICK!!! Hit the link on the heading above for much more detail.

Want a wedding celebration in Bali or Fiji?

Refer to the this page to have the best of and Australian Marriage Certificate and a Bali Ceremony.

Short Sweet Ceremonies
Interested in just a short, sweet ceremony. If you were thinking of the Registry Office, think again. I will conduct such all inclusive, full ceremonies from $360 with a sense of humour, at a Perth metropolitan location chosen by you.  No need to wait to sign the NIM. Just call and we can get it signed very shortly ( maybe even that evening).

in a backyard

in a park

by a river

with your pet

by the beach

in Kings


Need a Birth, Death or Marriage certificate from Western Australia Births Deaths and Marriages section?
This can be used to request a marriage certificate after you are married in Western Australia. If you like, you can give the completed form to me (your celebrant) before the wedding - I will submit it with the other documents and this will possibly help speed up delivery of the certificate.

Contact Graham

For the time being please contact Graham by email at with details about the date, proposed start time, and location and I will get back to you as quickly as I can. I try to get back to emails the same day. or sms Graham on 0439 919 817.

For information of Family and Relationship Services see this page.


Got a question, or want to check on a date, then either email me, ring me or simply complete the form below and submit it. I will get back to you as soon as conveniently possible. Those questions in red need to be completed.

Please note: after you send this form enquiry to me I will respond quickly. If I return your enquiry and indicate I am currently available to conduct your wedding - that means I have no confirmed bookings at that moment.  I may well have others interested in the same date and time but not confirmed yet. Bookings are only confirmed when the Booking Fee is paid and the Notice of Intended Marriage is with me ( or we have come to some arrangement about confirming the booking separately, in writing or over the email).


Contact Graham

Simply send Graham an email at

or SMS on 0439 939 817

Just a note: If you have not heard from me within 24 hours I may have missed the email or call. So please try again. You won't be disappointed.


 There are no legal documents to be submitted to any registry of births, death and marriages by you. So the actual ceremony  is wide open for you to use your creative abilities and to fulfil, as far as possible, the wishes of the parents. I have examples of ceremonies which I provide to clients to use as a guide.
Welcome and introduction-general remarks about naming ceremonies and why one is being held. Prices are included on my Naming Ceremonies page.



Full details are on a separate page. Click here - Funeral Celebrant
The deceased's favourite music is played when entering the chapel, during the reflection and on leaving.
Fee: from $350         These will be discussed up front and are all inclusive.


Commitment Ceremonies offer a less formal approach to the celebration of a partnership by providing you with a unique and very special opportunity to celebrate the union of two persons. We would design a special ceremony to honour your commitment to each other to suit your requirements, your beliefs and your lifestyle. These may be same sex ceremonies as well. These ceremonies are arranged exactly the same as marriages but it must be made clear it can not be a pretend marriage. This is illegal. Instead it will be presented as a commitment.

Fee: from $350  
These will be discussed up front and are all inclusive.


These ceremonies are to reaffirm your vows previously made. You may for example, have been married overseas, away from your family, friends and home, and wish to have a ceremony at home to share your joy and happiness with those closest to you. Alternatively, you may wish to reaffirm your vows to celebrate your anniversary, whether it be one year or 50 years. Whilst such a special ceremony provides you with a very special opportunity to reflect, rejoice and celebrate your years together, it also allows you to recommit to the future by renewing your vows and involving your children and grandchildren in the ceremony. The ceremonies are similar to marriage ceremonies in structure. The content may vary as the reasons for the ceremony and the why they want it may differ to when they got married. Again it must be made clear it is not another marriage, rather a renewal. It is illegal to pretend to officiate at a marriage ceremony when, in fact, it is not such a ceremony.

Fee: from $350  These will be discussed up front and are all inclusive.

Meeting before the Ceremony or Funeral

I like meet with the key stakeholders. This is what gives the ceremony its personal touch and importance. 

Please note Fees are fixed price and determined before you agree to go ahead with using my services. The reason why fees may be more than the illustrated ones above is due to extra expenses that I will have to incur in the course of preparing or conduct of the ceremony - eg travel out of Perth Metro area, or accommodation needed or on key times on a weekend or holiday..

Elopement Weddings or Weddings where you do not want Family or Friends to Know.

I am able to conduct weddings, for the normal price, where I can try to obtain some witnesses to help out so that you can elope or marry in complete secrecy. This means that if you don't want to tell any family or friends (not even the closest of ones) we may be able to help out. When you contact me,  or on 0439 919 817, let me know this is what you may be planning and we can discuss it better once we meet up.



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