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No matter what you call then: name ceremony, name giving ceremonies, naming ceremony, civil baptism, civil naming ceremonies -  they all have the same purpose - to provide a ceremony to enable family and friends to celebrate the joy of welcoming a new life into the world or to celebrate the taking of a new name.

Each Ceremony I conduct is unique so the support I give is in information and advice in preparation of the Ceremony words and structure, then conducting the Ceremony.

Naming ceremonies are performed for people of all age groups, from new-born babies to adults - anyone taking on a new name.

Every ceremony I offer is unique and offers flexibility to meet the individual needs of every family. There are no legal requirements for a naming ceremony. This means that the family can then create a truly unique ceremony for this special day..

Namings are normally performed at your own garden or a local park, see some of my parks from the wedding website . The parents also appoint mentors/godparents at these ceremonies.  I provide a large selection of options for the parts of the naming ceremonies for you to select from.

The parent(s) are issued with a beautiful inscribed naming certificate at the conclusion of the ceremony. The appointed guardians/godparents/grandparents may also be issued with a certificate.

Answers to common questions

Q1. Fees for the Ceremony based on the services provided below:
Saturday or Sunday

All other times $300

With a wedding


Any other questions or want a quote
email Graham

Please note Fees are fixed price and determined before you agree to go ahead with using my services. The reason why fees may be more than the illustrated ones above is due to extra expenses that I will have to incur in the course of preparing or conduct of the ceremony - eg travel out of Perth Metro area, or accommodation needed, or .

  Q2. What services do you provide for that fee?
I include in the fixed price : 1. Lending you a comprehensive Naming Ceremony Guide to work out your ceremony.
2. Return travel to and from anywhere in the Perth Metropolitan area
3. Provision of a signing table with nice cloth (if required)
4. A presentation Parent Certificate.
5. Assistance with the ceremony words / structure if required.
6. Initial Meeting at my home to coordinate and agree on details of the ceremony you want.
7. A rehearsal prior to the ceremony.
8. Ceremony on an agreed day, date and time.
9. a nice suit and cravat or tie normally
10. a good sense of humour,
11. a strong voice, but with a Public Address system if it is required.
We can discuss all this, and more, at our first meeting.
  Q3.  Are There some extra services you offer if you would like them:
These include 1. Videotaping the whole ceremony and DVD - generally $200 but subject to availability of my videotographer son.
2. Travel anywhere in the state - but for an extra fee
3. Ceremonies for any other person you wish to give them to
4. Ceremony booklets - which have part or all of the ceremony in it
We can discuss all this, and more, at our first meeting.
  Q4. Can we put in things that we want into the ceremony?
  Absolutely yes. The ceremony is yours. So you let me know what you want to include in the ceremony, help choose the wording, then we can make it special for the day. This includes wording as well as other rituals such as candle ceremony, tree planting, teddy bear ring, remembrance cards, and many more possibilities.
The only limit, I think, is your imagination.

I lend you a comprehensive folder to help you with many ideas for you to incorporate into your ceremony.

  Q5. Do you meet us first up at our home.
Generally not.  I like to meet people at my home for the first meeting then meet up with the organiser/s at the rehearsal and ceremony. You come to meet first time as I have a range of resources at home that I may need.
However if you have great difficulty in getting to my home for this first meeting then talk to me.
  Q6. How do we contact Graham.
  Easy - Email is best

Write: 6 Pelham Gardens, Canning Vale, Western Australia, 6155

Phone 0439 919 817



There is no set format for a naming ceremony, nor any set content. There are no legal documents to be submitted to any registry of births, death and marriages. So the actual ceremony  is wide open for you to use your creative abilities and to fulfil, as far as possible, the wishes of the parents. I have examples of ceremonies which I provide to clients to use as a guide.
A possible structure may be:

Introduction and Welcome
The parent's commitment.
Lead in to the support the child will have-the role of godparents/guardians/mentors.
Some symbol ceremony eg candle ceremony
Acknowledgment and involvement of the extended family-grandparents, aunts, uncles.
A reading.
The naming.
Signing and presentation of certificates of appreciation.
Blessing & Presentation

Meeting before the Ceremony

I like meet with the key stakeholders. This is what gives the ceremony its personal touch and importance. 

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