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More photo's below for people from overseas, whom I have married recently!

Can Overseas Visitors get married in Australia?

Yes. If you get married Australia you have the same legal rights, and responsibilities, as if you were married outside Australia. This applies to persons born in Australia or if you were born in another country. You don't need any special visa's to get married in Australia - just our normal legal requirements.

So if you are not in Australia and reading this you can come to Australia, where it is safe, cheap, and beautiful, to get married. Either elope or bring close friends and family along with you, and have a wonderful holiday/honeymoon. Want to get married on a beach, in the sun - this is easy in Western Australia.

As a celebrant I can't arrange travel, accommodation, and so on.  See service providers for wedding planners if you are outside Australia and need a complete wedding service.

Where can I get married in Perth? Easy - just have a look at my selection of locations from Kings Park to beaches, chapels etc

FiancÚ Visa Plan

If you or your fiancÚ are applying for entry into Australia under the prospective marriage (fiancÚ) plan I am able to supply you with a letter suitable for presentation to the Consulate, together with a copy of the Notice of Intended Marriage. I write this letter after one party completes the Notice of Intended Marriage, and pays a Booking Fee to confirm arrangements for marriage at a set place , time and date. Consult your Migration Agent for details that you might need from myself.

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How much does it cost to get married in Australia?

I charge from AUD$ 360 per ceremony. Prices vary greatly mostly between $360 and $600 between Civil Marriage Celebrants who are all  registered with the Australian Government Attorney - General's Department as being authorised to conduct the ceremony.

How do I arrange to get married in Western Australia?

To arrange your wedding with me, confirm by email a date, place, time and download and print a copy of the Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM). You need a PDF viewer to open this.

Complete the form and have your signatures witnessed by an Australian Consulate Official - see list of Australian Embassies & Consulates on this link page or by a Public Notary or persons authorised on Page 4 of the NIM.  Fax this to me as soon as it is done +61 8 9256 2222, then post over this completed NIM form, copies of all the other documents  and the pre arranged deposit to me by (registered) mail. The sooner I get the information, the better it is. If there are any concerns please contact me by email. The NIM needs to be with me at least one month and one day before you can marry.

Please note it often takes some time to arrange to see Australian Consulate Officers.

What are the other documents?

You still need to comply with the legal requirements for getting married in Australia.

Note if you are intending to marry then only one person needs to lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage - with the appropriate person witnessing your signature. The other person will need to sign it as soon as possible and these may be when you enter the country to get married. Examples of where this may apply are if the bride is in one country and the Groom is here in Australia. The groom may lodge the NIM, then when the bride gets here then it has to be signed appropriately. Possible situations may include where armed forces personnel are serving in different locations, spouse visa applications, business interests mean that the couple work apart, or it may be that people work on a fly in fly out roster on mines or oilfields. What is important I that the NIM is lodged on time. Contact Graham if you need further clarification.

For a person born overseas - a Birth Certificate and photo ID, or a passport (that has not been cancelled) which must have your Date of Birth and Place of Birth.

If a person born overseas has not got, and can not get, a Birth certificate or a non cancelled passport, then a Statutory Declaration will be required. These Statutory Declarations can be prepared with me. Note! Statutory Declarations will only be used when I am satisfied that this is the only option left that is reasonably available. (This is not available for Australian born Citizens).

If you have been previously married, you must provide a certified copy of the absolute Dissolution of Marriage, Certificate of Divorce from a court, or the Death Certificate. An official at the Australian Embassy or Australian Consulate can certify these out side Australia. If you have been married more than once before, evidence of how the last marriage ended is the evidence I need to see.

Vital! Under Australian Laws I must sight (see) the original documents before I can conduct the marriage. You need to bring all these to Australia and I will sight them at our first meeting.

Translators! If the original documents are not in English, you will need to get a certified translator to provide a translation of the certificates well. If your English is not good we can arrange for an official interpreter to be present at the marriage and we can do it together. The only translators recognised in Australia are Naati Translators. Original Documents certified by appropriate authorities overseas will also be accepted. Please check with Graham first.

Once I have received your Notice Of Intended Marriage and the copies of documents, I will write to you or email you confirming the documents have arrived. I will also send you a sample of the weddings that you may like to use including readings, poems, vows and examples of the service for you to work on.

When you arrive in Australia we have to meet prior to the marriage to meet, for me to see the original documents and to finalise the ceremony.

About the Ceremony

Graham gets the couple getting married to make up their own ceremony from resources that Graham provides and internet references. Once he has the booking confirmed he posts over his comprehensive , easy to use Wedding Ceremony Guide, full of ideas for vows, pledges, ring ceremonies along with the legal words that you have to use so that by the time you arrive in Australia you know what you might like to have in your ceremony. It is this easy. If ever you have any concerns then I am only an email away!

His Wedding Ceremony Guide also has a structure or plan about how to set out your ceremony so that it flows and incorporates all the legal aspects into it. Once you see it it will all fall into place and make the actual ceremony planning VERY EASY.

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If you are on Overseas Citizen marrying an Australian Citizen you may be eligible for a Fiancee's Visa. However this is not necessarily an automatic qualification for permanent residency status in Australia. Check with the latest by contacting the Department of Immigration

We have wedding coordinators in Australia who can assist you from where ever you are in the preparation for your wedding here in Western Australia. Click to see Wedding Coordinators.

There are many interesting places and venues to get married at as well. Click to see these Wedding Venues.


If you get married here in Perth and need an Apostille for when you return home outside of Australia, you may need an Apostille eg in many European countries (or some other form of Authentification eg for China, Vietnam or many Middle East countries) that you were married here in Australia. You will then need to obtain an official certificate from the Births Deaths and Marriages (I can assist with this for you when I marry you and send the forms in for registration of the marriage). Once you have this then you can get your Apostille from

Other Details

If acceptable evidence of date and place of birth and identity is not provided, the Celebrant cannot legally conduct the marriage.

A person born overseas who does not have a birth certificate or extract, should make every effort to obtain one from his or her country of birth. In the event that this is not possible the Celebrant may sight a Passport issued by the government of an overseas country, provided it shows both date and place of birth. It doesn't have to be current , but it must not be cancelled or revoked. The Celebrant may also request additional proof of identity.

For cases in which it is impossible to obtain the relevant documents outlined above, the Celebrant will require a Statutory Declaration. This is a written legal Statement witnessed by the Celebrant as an Officer of the Commonwealth of Australia.

An intentional false statement on a Statutory Declaration is a serious offence carrying a penalty of up to four (4) years imprisonment.

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Got a question, or want to check on a date, then either email me, ring me or simply complete the form  on my home page and submit it. I will get back to you as soon as conveniently possible. Those questions in red need to be completed. Unless you send me your email address I can't respond to any enquiry.

Please note: after you send this form enquiry to me I will respond quickly. If I return your enquiry and indicate I am currently available to conduct your wedding - that means I have no confirmed bookings at that moment.  I may well have others interested in the same date and time but not confirmed yet. Bookings are only confirmed when the Booking Fee is paid and the Notice of Intended Marriage is with me ( or we have come to some arrangement about confirming the booking separately, in writing or over the email).

If you wish to email me with an enquiry please do so. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If you find any errors in the website please let me know as well.
Graham Lambert, Authorised Marriage Celebrant