Thinking of a Registry Marriage - consider this.

If you get married in a Registry Office it has the same legal rights, and responsibilities, as if you were married by a Civil Marriage Celebrant or by a church minister or priest who is authorised to conduct marriages in Australia. It is just that the places, locations and people are different. 

I am available at short notice (maybe even this evening, or early morning) to get the Notice of Intended Marriage form signed, so the quicker it is for you to get married.

on a beach

on the clean river

in Perth's door

I would like you to consider my $360 and $390  full ceremony offer.

$360 have the ceremony conducted at my home or nearby at a local park. Any time that is negotiated 24/7.

Choose where you would like to get married, do it some where else where you choose. I will conduct the ceremony for you, at your desired location at a time that we negotiate ( may be very early in the morning, at sunset, later at night) for the $390* - anywhere in the Perth Metropolitan Area (postcodes 6000 - 6162) Monday to Thursday or any day if it is less than one month and 15 days before the wedding. This offer is valid till the end of 2018 and any time  (except Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays,  and public holidays ). *All prices need to be confirmed with Graham.

Email graham now to ask any more questions or check on his availability.

You come to me the first time, I go to you for the marriage.  We need 2 witnesses over 18 years so let's talk about that when you contact me.

$390 Short & Sweet Ceremony
Graham Lambert Celebrant services
open 24 hours a day
anywhere in Perth Metro region
sign then marry within 6 weeks
can have family or friends involved
you choose the location
available any day / time
Llegal requirements all fulfilled
$360 Bali Wedding
Graham Lambert Celebrant
Ceremony at his office.
Short legal ceremony
Up to 4 attending.
You provide interpreter if needed
Time by arrangement
Have the ceremonial ceremony overseas.
All legal requirements are filled
$360 Short and Sweet
INCLUDES: Graham Lambert Celebrant
Full legal ceremony
Ceremony at his office.
or at Lovely Gazebo at a Beautiful Park
in Bull Creek
Time by arrangement (not just business hours)
Legal requirements all filled
Up to 8 people attending (2 as witnesses)at his office, unlimited at park.

Choose Queens Gardens?

Choose Cottesloe Sundial on the beach?

Choose Kings Park?

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Some things you need to do for this quiet ( short and sweet) ceremony.

Choose a location: Some different types of marriage Ceremony locations

Legal Documents: Both the bride and groom should visit the Celebrant in person to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage form - but refer to legalities in depth. This form must be lodged with the Authorised Celebrant at least one month prior to the marriage ceremony and is valid for up to 18 months. The bride and groom must declare that they are over the age of 18 years, not legally married to someone else and that they are not directly related to each other. The bride and groom then sign these declarations.

Witnesses: The bride and groom must arrange for two witnesses, each be at least 18 years of age, to be present at the ceremony. If you know no one I can arrange for two witnesses to be there at  extra cost.

Punctuality: It is essential that the wedding party arrive at least 15 minutes before the appointed time for the ceremony. I will be there approximately 20 minutes prior to the ceremony start time. The use of confetti or rice is generally prohibited (as it constitutes littering and rice can kill birdlife).

Interpreter: If an interpreter is required at the wedding he/she must be able to speak English and the other language well. It may be a friend or relative over the age of 18 years. That person may also be a witness to the wedding.

The Ceremony.

1. Check and sign any outstanding legal documents.
2. The bride and groom exchange marriage vows, The bride and groom then exchange wedding rings (if desired).
3. The marriage documents are signed by the bride, groom and the two witnesses.
4. At the conclusion of the ceremony the Certificate of Marriage is presented to the husband and wife.
5. The NIM and the Marriage Documents from the day you marry are then sent to the Births Deaths and Marriages department to register the marriage.

Graham provides:
All the legal requirements are fulfilled
A signing table if needed
A choice of ceremonies
Ability to conduct the ceremony in a location of your choice
Meeting at the agreed time
Email contact in the meantime.

in your backyard

in a local park

in a restaurant

Get married on Valentines Day

Graham Lambert
(Authorised Marriage Celebrant)
Economical Professional Ceremonie with a sense of humour.

Mob: 0439 919 817

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