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The surprise has to be for the guests, not for the Bride or Groom!!!!!

So you want to have a surprise wedding. That is great. I have typed up this page because I have now been asked to do many surprise weddings. This page is designed to give you some food for though about surprise weddings and the legalities associated with it. They can be so much fun, and the look on unsuspecting guests can be great. Especially better if it is videotaped for later.

Legally - so long as both the Bride and Groom agree to the wedding on that date and at that time, then the normal legal processes apply. That is, one person (eg a Bride) cannot organise a wedding to wed a partner and spring it on him on the evening, without him being fully involved and in agreeance. This is why we have the Notice of Intended Marriage form that needs to be completed at least one month and one day before hand. Apart from that a surprise wedding is a real, and legal wedding.

For most people having a surprise wedding the surprise is usually just before they are to get married. That is they get people into the location / setting under another pretext (eg engagement, special birthday, visiting relative) and when they are all gathered either they or I ( the celebrant) starts the ball rolling with a - "Family and friends................"

Witnesses can be decided on the day.

Just some points to be wary of - that I have noticed:

1. Getting the important people there - many people will not give up either their job/work, or a holiday or get out of bed when they are unwell JUST for a party. They will come to a wedding though. So if you identify the people who MUST be there and make sure they are coming then that is fine. If they apologise you have a PROBLEM. Do you tell them??

2. If you tell them, or anyone - then the secret is out. It then becomes an OPEN Surprise Wedding - often where a lot of people know but keep it from the Bride and Groom to be. They are still good weddings but the word can get out.




I am able to conduct weddings, for the normal price, where I can try to obtain some witnesses to help out so that you can elope or marry in complete secrecy. This means that if you don't want to tell any family or friends (not even the closest of ones) we may be able to help out. When you contact me,  or on 0439 919 817, let me know this is what you may be planning and we can discuss it better once we meet up.

1. Normal legal processes must apply.
2. the time you marry will be negotiated with Graham.
3. the location needs to be close to Graham's home (generally).
4. no rehearsal is usually required



Want a theme at your wedding? I have conducted a number of medieval theme weddings, with more booked in already. I am keen to participate in these weddings with the costumes that fit the theme. Here are some pic's of those completed already.

Medieval Theme

Medieval Theme

Bear (the dog) as Ring Bearer

Got a theme: Pirates, School Uniform, Fancy Dress

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