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                     FIANCEE VISA APPLICATION LETTERS - 24/7

If you are bone fide in wishing to marry in Australia under the Spouse or Fiancee Visa, then I am able to marry you according to laws in Australia. I provide couples with letters to DIMIA (Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs) which state that you have lodged the Notice of Intended Marriage form , and a non refundable lodgment fee, with me in preparation for the marriage once the visa is granted.
"DIMIA said I have to get the letter from the Registry office".
You don't have to. The Registry Office is in the city and they marry people as I do. We are authorised to marry people according to law in Australia. If you sign up and pay a Booking Fee with the Registry Office (and they are nice people) you will lose the Booking Fee if you transfer the notice of intended marriage form to me so that you can have your ceremony at your favourite location - such as home, or a park or a beach or wherever you choose. See our huge range of wedding venues around Perth Metropolitan area - many free.
How long does it take to get the DIMIA letter from Graham Lambert?
If one of the couple planning to marry meets with me, or at least contacts me re this matter, and pays me the required Booking Fee - I will give that person who lodges the Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM) form three copies of the letter 5 minutes later - either personally or in the post. The couple then use this letter to assist them with their application for their visa.

The original NIM has to stay with me.

Download the Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM). Complete page 3 in on the computer or in BLACK biro please, or wait until you see me - OR  
If in a real rush (and you are in Australia)- complete the NIM, take it to a local police station, or JP, get them to witness your signature on page 4, then scan and email pages 3 and 4 to . It is 'Lodged' when I pick it up from my email box. Only one person needs to sign the NIM to lodge it if both can't do so at this time. I will get you to post the original NIM to me by registered post once I have checked it and got back to you. If you are overseas, you need to do the asme as in Australia except authorised witnesses are different. See the back on page 4 for a list of authorised people who can witness your signature overseas then follow the process mentioned at left.

You do not have to get this (visa application) letter from the Registry office - you can get it from me in preparation for your wedding. I can marry you any where in Australia, not just a set office in the city. I will come to you to marry you. If you are thinking of a Registry Office Wedding - see What I can offer you!! and you choose the time and location.

in a chapel

in a park

on a boat
What if the visa is not ready by the date we planned to get married?
Simply ask Graham for another letter, arrange for another later wedding date, and I will send you a new letter with the revised date to give to DIMIA. It is very simple. We can do this because the wedding is an arrangement between you and I. Once you get the visa you may then reschedule again if you need to, to fit in with your wishes and Graham's exiting schedule.
What if I am going through a Migration Agent?
This is fine. Just say that you know of Graham Lambert, and say that he will write you the visa letter for DIMIA once you have lodged the NIM and paid the Booking Fee.

in a chapel

What if I am in a hurry to get a letter for DIMIA?
Graham is quite flexible. He has had prospective clients at 9.30pm in the evening so that they may have the letter for DIMIA ready for the next day. Just contact me on the above numbers and I will arrange a time for us to meet.

How much do you charge (Prices)?
I charge no more than for any other wedding with my schedule of services. Currently  these are:  Listed on my Home Page for my full service, including letters for DIMIA. I ask for a non refundable lodgment fee, of $150 to confirm this booking, which is part of the full fixed price.

Do I need an interpreter?
This depends. To have non English documents translated into English (eg birth certificates) you need to have them translated by a NAATI certified translator. If one of the couple [or witnesses] does not speak English ( at all or very poorly ) you need to have an interpreter at the wedding to translate the ceremony. This can be any person who speaks the languages well and doesn't have to be an official translator. The point about this is that the couple and the witnesses MUST understand the ceremony, in particular the legal parts of the ceremony. The interpreter at the wedding must sign a statutory declaration to this effect that they have translated correctly.

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Links: - general page about applying for a Spouse, Partner or Fiancee Visa from DIMIA - Australian Migration and Citizenship services (Private Migration Agency located in Perth) - for information on Apostilles, and Authentications, about recognising the wedding certificates outside Australia. - for official translators and interpreters.



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